Stop payment requests may not be placed on debit card transactions.

    Stop payment(s) performed after 4pm (MST) will be processed the next business day. A $31.50 fee per stop item will be debited from your account.

    Stop payment request must be placed within a time frame which allows the bank a reasonable opportunity to honor the request. In general, stop payment requests are not fully guaranteed for 24 hours, as it is possible the item may already be in the process of clearing. Therefore, if a check/item has been received by D.L. Evans Bank and is in the process of clearing on the same day as the stop payment request, it is possible the check/item could be paid.

    By submitting this request online, you agree to hold the Bank harmless from and against any losses, claims or costs (including attorney fees) incurred by (1) payment contrary to this order if such payment occurs otherwise than by a failure to exercise ordinary care, or (2) refusal to make payment of the item subject to this order, or (3) other items drawn by me are returned due to insufficient funds. I will notify the Bank promptly of the issuance of a check or item which is a duplicate of the check or item subject to this order, or upon the return of the original check. THIS REQUEST WILL AUTOMATICALLY EXPIRE AT THE END OF SIX MONTHS, unless, the bank receives a written renewal order. The Bank shall not be liable for payment of any item subject to a stop payment order upon the expiration or withdrawal of such order, and the Bank may, in its discretion, refuse to honor any such item pending my instruction. I understand that I may only withdraw this order in writing.